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IAC ®  Voice Magazine

by IAC ®  VOICE / By IAC ® Communications Team

One World,
one team

by Denise Pang & Dr Kavita Sethi

Artificial sociality – Simulating the social mind

by Prof. Dr. Gert Jan Hofstede

by Jane Hyun and Douglas Conant

Videos we Love

Geert Hofstede on Uncertainty Avoidance

Geert Hofstede introduces the cultural dimension “Uncertainty Avoidance” and gives examples of interesting correlations

Marie on Hofstede CWQ Testimonial

Hear our Associate, Marie, share the effectiveness of utilizing CWQ tool to manage high performing teams.

IAC ® Learning Circles

The IAC ® Learning Circle is a program to share knowledge, collaborate, and learn from the global community of coaches. It is a series of talks championed by Chapters across the globe, to share experiences, practices, and coaching tools.

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Use ChatGPT to Market your coaching practice

There are many ways you can use AI, such as ChatGPT, to market your coaching practice. 

Human vs AI coaching

Pros & Cons of coaching with aI

Do we need to be “super-coaches” to win over AI coaching?

Aimy AI Coach

The world’s first conversational aI coach

AIMY™ is the world’s first conversational AI coach, a prototype resulting from cutting-edge research.