Mastery through recognition of prior learning

Pursue internationally recognized accreditations in coaching and cross-culture with us.

Academy for Mastery
  is a partner of ODE Consulting ® Pte Ltd, the only accredited school of the International Association of Coaching ® (IAC ®) in Singapore, and certification partner of Hofstede Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire (Hofstede CWQ). 

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Supporting your journey to mastery

The Academy for Mastery was founded in 2016 to ignite the aspirations of mid-career professionals to pursue internationally recognized accreditations.

By providing multiple pathways to certification, mentoring and a community of fellow practitioners, participants are supported throughout their certification journey.

The Academy offers coaching and consulting certification roadmaps in partnership with the International Association of Coaching ® (IAC).

We also offer training, consulting, and coaching certification programs that focus on driving organisational culture and bridging gaps across national cultures for organisations, fully endorsed by Professor Geert Hofstede through the Hofstede Culture in The Workplace Questionnaire™.

Upcoming Events

From self-discovery to advanced coaching techniques, immerse yourself in a journey of empowerment. Over 14 sessions, dive into the realms of mindset, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and coaching principles.

Next cohort:
May 2024

Designed specifically for leaders of today and tomorrow to incorporate the IAC ® Coaching Masteries into their leadership approach and inspire remarkable results while fostering meaningful relationships. Upon completion, participants will be eligible for the IAC ® Masteries Practitioner Program.

Upcoming Run:
July  2024

Designed to empower teachers and education professionals, this comprehensive program equips participants with essential coaching skills, enabling them to foster positive and collaborative relationships with peers, students, and parents alike.

Upcoming Run:
July 2024


“Glad I’ve attended this program. Despite having attend coaching courses previously, I’ve still gained a lot”

“Eye-opening and empowering experience. Deepen my understanding of the impact and benefits of coaching”

“Expert and professional delivery, blending practical learning with the theoretical knowledge”

“Practice focused so there is a lot more experiential learning which is more suited for adult education and training”

“The IAC 9 Masteries would help facilitate an effective coaching session and would help my clients arrive at their own solutions” 

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