Who We Are

about us

The Academy for Mastery was founded in 2016 to ignite your aspiration for mastery through internationally recognised certifications and a community of practitioners.

What differentiates us

We Value Your Experience

Harnessing the deep smarts of Individuals with prior experience in various fields and expertise, The Academy envisions itself to nurture and support professionals in their mid-career change.

Why join us

Graduates of Academy enjoy the following benefits:

  • Internationally recognised certification roadmaps
  • Small class size ensure deep and faculty learning interactions
  • Experiential, hands-on practice with real-time feedback and coaching
  • Reflective learning journals
  • Action learning projects
  • Coaching and mentoring opportunities
  • Community of practitioners
  • Practicum-based reviews for application of learning

Our Biggest Asset

Our Faculty

Teo Jin Lee

Managing Director of ODE Consulting, Co-founder of Academy for Mastery

Denise Pang

Co-founder of Academy for Mastery

Lim Han Ee

Executive Coach, Coach Trainer

Stephanie Ho

Marketing Head, Certified Coach, IAC

Aaden Norman

Business Manager

Cheng Ming Hui

Executive Coach

Hofstede Culture in the Workplace  Master Certifiers

Dr Kavita Sethi

Principal Consultant, Assessor, Business Coach

Marie C. Segura

Founders and Senior Consultant of CMC Business Solutions

Jane Hyun

Founder & President of Hyun & Associates, Inc.

Claudia Harss

Founder 0f TWIST Consulting Group, HR Consultant

Chika Miyamori

Cultural Facilitator, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Principal of CQ Lab