Transforming Education Through Coaching

Transforming Education Through Coaching

Designed to empower teachers and education professionals, this comprehensive program equips participants with essential coaching skills, enabling them to foster positive and collaborative relationships with peers, students, and parents alike.

Using the IAC®’s foundational principles of The Coaching Masteries® to elevate your impact in the classroom and beyond. Embark on a journey towards enhanced leadership, meaningful connections, and lasting educational excellence.

Program Objectives

Focusing on equipping educators with practical coaching skills, to propel them to new heights of effectiveness and impact within their classrooms


2 Days (Classroom) + 2 x 1-hr Practicums (Virtual)

Program Outline

Coaching fundamentals
  • The IAC® Coaching Masteries
  • Impact of Coaching in Education
  • The power of mindset
  • Active listening and empathetic understanding
  • Powerful questioning techniques
  • Coaching lab

Transformation Through Coaching
  • Global Framework for Coaching in Education
  • Applications of Coaching Techniques in Education
  • Global Coaching Models IAC® Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics

Upcoming Dates:

Next Cohort: July 2024